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Photo Credit: IOM/Muse Mohammed

571 kmfrom home
"Life here has been hard, but life back in Syria before the war was also hard."
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Syrian Arab Republic

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Iman is a regular at one of IOM-supported food kitchens in Gaziantep. Having left her home town of Aleppo with her husband Muhammad and six children early in the war, she has been going to the food kitchen for the past five years.

“Life here has been hard, but life back in Syria before the war was also hard,” explains Iman. Originally from rural Aleppo, the couple have had a long history of struggling with unemployment while living in Gaziantep.

Every day, Iman lines up alongside hundreds of other Syrians at the food kitchen to receive a hot meal and loaves of bread to feed her family of eight. “The food is quite good and the children don’t mind eating the same meal every lunch” says Iman. “But, it’s not enough for all of us. It doesn’t leave us hungry but it doesn’t leave all of us satisfied either,” she adds. “Thankfully the bread is enough to get us through the day.”

Together with her husband, she visits other food banks and kitchens to receive breakfast and dinner. As they continue to search for stable work to improve their standard of living, the food provided by the kitchen, helps alleviate one immediate worry from their minds. Looking over at the happy kids having their lunch, she smiles “at least they’re enjoying it!” 

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