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"The Ukrainians are trying to rebuild their country and I hope to be able to help and contribute."
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"I left Kyrgyzstan for the United States when I was 14 only to get back to my homeland ten years later and find the love of my life whom I followed later to Ukraine. 

I am now living both in Kiev where my husband works and in the United Kingdom where I pursue my MSc degree at the University College of London."

My parents decided to move to the USA to give me and my younger brother a chance for a better education and opportunities. It was tough seeing my father who was a well-respected geologist in Kyrgyzstan do menial jobs to support the family and I was not comfortable with the language in the beginning.

It was also quite shocking for me to see all students scanned by detectors for illegal substances or objects at the entrance of the school in a Chicago suburb. I focused all my efforts to get enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program which paved my way to the Northwestern University in Chicago.

My studies gave me an opportunity to meet other international students and to share knowledge and experiences. My best friends were from Sri Lanka and Colombia. At the time of my graduation I was invited to work in Kyrgyzstan by the dean of the Foreign Languages School of the Northwestern University who was appointed as the president of the American University in Central Asia. I took this chance to return and to re-establish the links with our family as well as to gain working experience.

Since then, I have been studying international relations in London but I am using all my free time to travel to Ukraine where my second home and family are. The Ukrainians now are trying to rebuild their country and I hope to be able to help and contribute to this process." 

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United States, United Kingdom

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