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"I develop transport plans, programs and projects and helped to improve public transport in Manchester, Glasgow and Wales."
Transport Planning Manager
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United Kingdom
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I am born in Germany. I first came to England in 1991 as a student, because I didn't like my German university, English was my only foreign language and the course looked good. After getting a BSc (Hons) and a MSc in Transport Planning and Management, I looked for jobs in Germany and Britain, and in 1997 the first offer was as Transport Planning Assistant from the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive. In Manchester I got promoted a couple of times, found a (British) girl-friend, got a job offer from Strathclyde Passenger Transport (2002), got kids, got made supernumerary in a reorganisation, and got a job offer as Transport Planning Manager in South Wales (2007) where my family and I still live. I work in an office, I shift paper. I write (transport) strategies, plans and programmes (and reports and studies and consultation responses and I develop and manage schemes. I cannot think of anything that screams out for a strap-line of how I contributed to society. I did get involved in many transport projects, I improved the design of bus stations and bus lanes and I helped to ensure that Scotland's smoking ban extends to bus shelters (imagine if it wouldn't...). But mostly I wrote plans, gathered necessary information, and set up systems and developed processes to enable delivery of many other projects.

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