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"I came to the UK to study; I continued to study and then I was offered jobs at different universities across the UK."
University Lecturer
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United Kingdom
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I was born in Italy and grew up in Genova, along the Ligurian coast. Upon finishing high school, I wanted to have an experience abroad; at that time, in 1991 the then called European Community was offering scholarships for students from EC member states to go and study for their first degree in a different country. I took this opportunity and came to the UK to study archaeology. I continued to study to gain higher university degrees; I was then offered a post-doctoral research job, after obtaining my PhD degree. After that job ended, I applied for university lectureships and was lucky to be offered a one-year temporary post at Glasgow. A year later, I applied for a permanent lectureship at University College London and I was even luckier to be offered it. I have been in London ever since where I teach and research the archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean, a field that attracts students from all over the world; I have trained several students in this subject at all levels as a result. Students recently nominated me for an award in Teaching Excellence sponsored by the Students Union.

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