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5,610 kmfrom home
“London is the capital of the world, all innovative projects are here. The world follows this brilliant city.”
Current Country: 
United Kingdom
Country of Origin: 
Russian Federation

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 Daria was born in Russia. During her expatriation to Latin America, she met her husband, from Turkey. They looked for a neutral country and decided to settle down in the UK.

"To be honest I am happy with this change. I’m expecting a baby now and my new position as a data analyst allows me to work from home.” “When you move to a new country, it takes time to have a good life. Everywhere you need to prove yourself. Before coming here, I was afraid of the other people’s reactions because I am Russian.

Sometimes, I compare London with my hometown. Moscow is a great city, but it’s hard to live outside of the capital city. In UK, wherever you go, you see different beauties and also feel safe, which is precious. Ecology is also much better than Russia.

For the future, we want to stay here and if it is possible to settle here. We want to raise our child here. Our business and life experience are also very valuable in UK. My husband improves himself and he provides amazing projects for the new technologies in the country. Also, I think I contributed my culture to UK and I have an idea about other cultures. So immigration has mutual benefits. Communicating with people and sharing the lifestyles are really valuable.

Personally I feel very lucky because I can bring the best things from my culture, and get the best from UK so it will be a perfect combination. I am feeling good to say I am a migrant.”

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