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"I am an American working in the financial industry to help UK companies comply with the law."
Current Country: 
United Kingdom
Country of Origin: 
United States

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I was born in the USA and came to Scotland in 2007 to study at the University of Edinburgh. When I graduated, I began working at a small tech company, helping with sales, admin and accounting. I have now moved to a Big 4 accounting firm where I am training as an auditor and working towards my CA status with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland. I work with a large variety of listed companies, ensuring that they are in compliance with UK and international regulations and that their shareholders can be confident in the accuracy of the information they receive about their investments. I also do some work for the public sector - far from being a 'scrounger', I actually help councils verify that they are paying out the right amount of benefits! In 2013, I married my wonderful Scottish husband, who I met during university. We both love Edinburgh and decided to settle here permanently. Sadly, this has been a difficult process. During my most recent visa application, we were judged entirely on my husband's salary, despite my own promising career and the fact that I've been paying taxes here for years. Visa fees and flights home are also very expensive - I haven't seen my American family for more than two years. Still, I am incredibly privileged. Many immigrants who work just as hard as I do and contribute just as much to the British economy have a much tougher time due to factors beyond their control. I hope that in the future, with greater understanding of our contribution to the economy, immigrants will be judged entirely on our characters and skills rather than the countries we come from.

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