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"I came to the UK 14 years ago, I am making a home here for me and my son, because I love this country and its diversity."
Civil Servant
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United Kingdom
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I came to the UK 14 years ago, with a friend initially just to stay a few weeks. Staying with a friend in London, I felt in love with the city straight away. Growing up in the city back in Portugal, I always dreamed of living in another country, one where I could speak my favourite language, which was English. When I was 9 years old I knew all lyrics of every British/American song on the radio and was making my own versions with my little recorder. When the opportunity came to come to London, I could not refuse, and my first day in the city exploring the streets of east London by myself, the Sunday markets, the people, the food, the melting pot of different cultures living in one city, and how you could learn an grow, was instant love. I decide I was going to stay and work. After 14 years, of hard work, a divorce, a degree and moving to North East, I can't imagine living anywhere but righ here. Of course I miss own country, where my roots are, but this is my home now, and I am very proud to be part of this diverse and tolerant culture. I met wordeful people along the way, some still with me, some I lost even to cancer, and every single one of them has taught me, how kind, caring and most of all determined and resilient, which are two qualities I truly respect, and for me are what British culture is about.

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