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"From my studio in Yorkshire I help thousands of people and companies to better tell their stories."
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James is a multi-lingual, Anglo-Brazilian book and story doctor, lecturer, mentor, and coach for English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking writers; a specialist in novel structuring and creative use of language, acclaimed by an ever-growing number of authors as the 'bridge" between the Latin and Anglo-Saxon literary worlds. He is entertaining, thought provoking, and is recognized by top professionals in the industry as a leader in pioneering exciting changes in author training and publishing. James is respected by aspiring and professional writers alike in Brazil, Portugal and many Spanish speaking countries, and the "McSill Magic" is known for taking the work of his authors to higher levels in literary worth and in sales -- by giving them a truly unique perspective on their work, not only from a creative standpoint, but also from James' broad-based experience: as a master in Linguistics, Business, and Materials Design. To the benefit of all, he has never flinched from weaving all his fields of knowledge into his private consultations and public talks and courses. He alone is responsible for assisting hundreds of authors a year with creating and writing their stories, and with his team also edits or acts as story consultant for upwards of two hundred books a year and organizes a myriad of workshops and training courses all over the Latin World. James has also been particularly engaged in guiding his many authors on the marketability of their projects for foreign markets. Not a stranger to technology, he has used the very latest innovations from conference calls to delivering training courses in 3D from his studio in the UK to remote locations across the world. In the words of the participants, working with James was not only a professional, but also a life changing experience. Unknown to many, James was a child actor and a playwright and enjoys dabbling with writing of his own (14 books published: romances, children’s stories, and technical books on storytelling). James McSill is based in his studio in Yorkshire, UK (www.storytelling.mcsill.com) and in his office in São Paulo, Brazil (www.agency.mcsill.com).

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