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"I volunteer in the community and in my day job I work with charities and social enterprises to become more sustainable."
Investment Assistant
Current Country: 
United Kingdom
Country of Origin: 
United States

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I was born and educated in the American midwest but at age 18 I fell in love with an Englishman. After 5 years of transatlantic dating we finally married and I moved to the UK on a 2 year spousal visa. I achieved permanent residency after passing the Life in the UK test and paying for a further visa. I have volunteered extensively during my time here including leading Brownies, dog walking at shelters and helping at big, one-off events like the London Olympics. Throughout my entire time in the UK I have worked in the third sector. I'm lucky enough to currently be involved in social investment, an amazing force for good that allows social entrepreneurs to run businesses that give back to their communities. I feel very fortunate to have arrived when I did, as the process has only gotten more expensive and more difficult for those who want to make this little island our home.

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