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"Any person should not have been born, if he will be living for his own!"
Personal Coach and Arabic medical interpreter
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United Kingdom
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Since the day I arrived in the UK, I have been amazed about their ability to give rather than take. I started contributing to British society by publishing an article about my home city, Alexandria, in a magazine published by the student union at my university. You can read an online version of the article from this link: , page 33.

I used to do personal coaching when I worked as an IT Service Delivery Manager for one of the largest natural gas conducting companies in Egypt, and since then I have fallen in love with coaching. In November 2010, I received a certificate in coaching from the Coaching Academy in London. Afterwards, starting from December 2010, I started volunteering as a personal coach for several charitable communities in the UK and abroad. By the 1st of May 2015, I could successfully deal with 118 cases while working for the Women Consortium UK and some other organizations abroad. When people ask me what kind of magic I use to transform negativity into positivity, I simply reply, “All clients need three main things: an ear to listen to their problems, a mind to understand them, and a heart to feel their pain.” To me, coaching is a way of life, and it helped me a lot in my work as an Arabic medical interpreter. I conducted hundreds of sessions as an interpreter. No matter the complexity or difficulty of an assignment, I still chose to deal with every single client uniquely. I have many recommendations from various workplaces, specifically hospitals in the UK and some Arabic embassies. One of the Egyptian leaders, Mr. Mostafa Kamel, said that "Man, who lives only for his own, should never have been born!" I remember this rule daily. Showing sincere empathy to needy people has helped immensely with dealing with my own issues. This rule is also reflected in my social media activity, and my friends often tell me how checking my timeline every day enriches their lives with hope and positivity! People think that contribution to society is one of many problems that immigrants in the UK have. However, from my perspective, I am absolutely positive that only a small amount of immigrants are unwilling to contribute to society. That's why I decided to participate in this campaign. It is our duty to do whatever it takes to show the government how productive we, the immigrants, can be. Moreover, there are many people who still can give more and more to make a great difference in the British Community.

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