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"I study development & Indian dance Odissi, volunteer for London Indian Film Festival & want to fight for labour rights!"
Masters Student at LSE
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United Kingdom
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I am a daughter of a classical and jazz music historian and grew up admiring everything British, from learning the British accent from Harry Potter films and reading Jane Austen obsessively. I came to the UK straight after passing the Polish equivalent to A-levels and applied to universities. I spent the happiest years at SOAS, University of London, studying Politics and South Asian Studies. I love South Asia and I went to India twice to volunteer and conduct a short fieldwork for my dissertation. In my final year I directed a student play on the Partition of India and Pakistan. I learned Hindi and Odissi (an Indian classical dance form) from classes at the Bhavan Centre for Indian Arts and Culture. I also performed Indian dances back in Poland! In the mean time I did coffee shop jobs, and I was a waitress for a few weeks. I also worked as a catering assistant, so I know all about that side of life in London as well. Now I work part time as a Project Manager for a recycling management company as I am a passionate vegan and environmentalist. I am also a Volunteer Coordinator for the London Indian Film Festival, which I have been volunteering with for the past 4 years. I love engaging with the South Asian diaspora in London, especially when it comes to films and theatre. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Development Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am passionate about labour rights especially in the developing world, and South Asia in particular. I want to fight the precariousness of labour in our times. I want to abolish zero hour contracts, casualised and insecure labour, exploitative and enslaving forms of employment that are covered up by the narratives of job creation and economic growth. I want to fight for women's rights but with greatest respect for cultural and legal pluralism. I want equality and dignity for all people and a just economic system. I love that the UK allowed me to have such a global and diverse experience, and provide me with opportunities to fulfill my dreams!

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