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"I do research focused on improving the education system in the UK."
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United Kingdom
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I was born in Vancouver, Canada, and trained as an educational psychologist. I came to the UK with my family in 2012 from Canada to work at the University of York. I teach undergraduate and graduate students, supervise PhD students, and lead the Psychology in Education Research Centre. My research focuses on improving the education system by building understanding about the psychological characteristics of successful teachers. We have been awarded over a million pounds in funding from the European Research Council for our research in the UK and seven other countries. My wife works as an administrator and volunteers as a counsellor one day a week, and my son is a medical student in a UK university. My two young adult daughters are recent university graduates and are trying to gain residency in the UK, but it is an uphill struggle. We love the UK--it has a vibrant university sector and we enjoy living in our city and neighbourhood--but we may not stay if our family cannot be together.

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