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"I lived and worked in the UK for 11.5 years via 3 visas and naturalization. I created a job post before I left."
Records Manager & Archivist
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United Kingdom
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I lived and worked in the UK for 11.5 years via 3 visas and naturalization. I created a job post before I left. I was born in Canada and had dual Canadian and American citizenship. After graduation from university, I moved to the US and worked in museums for 7 years. When I was offered the chance to move to London and work in a job that involved traveling to Africa to help increase records management capacity in governments, I leapt at it. Contrary to popular belief, most Canadians do not have English heritage and we do not get a free pass to live and work in the UK. I did not find out about (or perhaps they did not exist) working holiday visas until after I was no longer eligible by age. A long time Anglophile, I had always wanted to live in London, but I never expected to be able to do so. I stayed in the job that sponsored by original visa for 3 years and then returned to museum work by applying for what was then called a "Highly Skilled Migrant Worker" visa. After I had been in the country for 5 years, I applied for residency and then a year later for citizenship. I was lucky enough to have the "points," (no MBA for me!), the salary level and the funds required for those applications. My first UK museum job was supported by grant funds that I helped to extend. The economic downturn meant that the public arts sector took a big hit. I was able to make a business case for a post that I then applied for and was offered after an open competition. I am very proud that although I later chose to leave the UK after over a decade there, I created a job post that adds value to the economy and may be filled by a non-immigrant or another immigrant. Without my immigration to the UK that job post would not exist. I am not the only immigrant to add value and contribute to the economy. In fact, it is the norm.

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