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"Once you leave home, you are pretty much ready to go anywhere."
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United Kingdom
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Stefano was born in Sardinia, Italy, where he received a degree in electrical engineering. But because of the limited opportunities, he applied in other countries in Europe. “I could move to any country at the time, but the UK was my best option.”

It didn’t take a long time to get a job with his qualifications and 13 years of experience. “To be honest, I didn’t struggle in UK, maybe I was too lucky. I found a job, my wife could come along, I bought a flat, and I’ve worked in big companies.

 “But once you leave home, you are pretty much ready to go anywhere. Being in the UK is a very pleasant experience for us at the moment. But, I cannot tell you that I will stay here forever.

“There are things I do not like. I don’t feel there is a real integration or interaction between foreigners. There is a relationship between the different peoples, but so far, every person seems to support people from their own country because of this lack of integration.

“On the other hand, everyone is respectful of one another; no one bothers anyone else. Nobody seems to be racist, and foreigners can find good opportunities in many companies. Of course, there are negatives and positives, but I should say there are more positives in the UK, which is why I am happy here.”

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