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"I have been educating students in computer science and undertaken world-leading robotics research."
Lecturer in Software Engineering
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United Kingdom
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I was born in Oslo, Norway in 1971 and came to the UK in 1993 to take my first degree at Imperial College, London. I continued to do a PhD at Bristol University and then became a Computer Science Lecturer at the University of South Wales and later the University of Plymouth. I have helped hundreds of students get degrees and jobs by teaching modules on computer technologies and software development. I have been the manager for a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. I have helped develop new computing programs in several UK universities. In 2004 I founded the Cognitive Robotics Research Centre at the University of South Wales and I have helped bring millions of Euros worth of research funding to the UK from Europe. I have published conference and journal articles in international fora and represented the UK at international conferences. I have supervised research students and helped transfer cutting edge technology from UK universities to UK industry. In 1996 I met my English wife and in 1999 we got married. Together we have raised three children, two dogs and countless cats and chickens.

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