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"I inspire students and the local government community with teaching, ideas and advice."
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I arrived to the UK initially to carry out a post-graduate degree in 2001, but I decided to proceed with my doctoral studies. During that time I met my current husband, and we got married a few years later. I came to Britain because I was curious to learn about the country and experience its diversity and toleration, something that I didn’t experience as a child in the United States. I really enjoyed my years as a student, and I would like others to have the same opportunity that I had. I decided to stay in the UK because this country offered me freedom of expression and mobility, as well as many opportunities to stimulate my thoughts and learn new ways of understanding the world. As a professional I have had opportunity to engage with the British local government community and understand the devolution process that Britain has undergone since 2000. In particular, I have been interested in studying how local government in the UK changes as it incorporates new processes of citizen participation in its decision-making. British media and academic curricula generally portray the levels of violence in Mexico and Central America, and the topic of Latin America’s role in the process of globalization and democracy is generally overlooked. This is why I teach my students about it; I think that discussing the history and culture of Mexico and other countries in Latin America provides students with a more well-rounded understanding of the world, and how our society can learn about human rights and social movements against poverty, inequality, and exclusion from the Southern part of the globe.

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