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"Whilst also looking to create thriving, mixed communities that will be able to cope with tomorrow's world!"
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I was born and raised in a multicultural home. Born to immigrant parents in Mexico: A French/British father and a Argentinian mother. Whose parents where both immigrants themselves. I have some sort of relatives Far and wide from Poland to Australia. So I was raised in Mexico and even though I feel mostly Mexican, I can't deny the my mixed heritage is but a part of me. It's what has made me tolerant to different people and cultures. What has showed me there are different ways to live your life and there isn't a normal way of doing things. They all are! Having the opportunity / responsibility to help my grandfather in the UK, me and my wife moved to get work experience abroad and extend our horizons. After 3 years living and working in London, we both feel as being part of this melting pot, which is something I value greatly. Being able to learn about traditions from India, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Germany, Italy Greece... Is what I most value about living here. Since I moved here I've learnt to become a better citizen. Belonging to a place where the majority of people don't tolerate racism or gender inequality is what I feel this country should be about and hope it stays that way. I wish to keep contributing and giving back to a country that has welcomed me!

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