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United States

Wei, 10,467 km
"Home is where I feel like I'm just another human being, not someone to be stared at or discriminated against."
Zarni, 13,887 km
"If you’re a migrant or a person without a nationality, it doesn’t mean you can't do what you want with your life."

Credit: IOM/ John Walder

Jenan, 9,237 km
"There was always a piece of me that was different no matter what group of people I was trying to fit in with."

Credit: IOM/ John Walder

Shireen, 8,836 km
"My father’s intellectual talent was his access to the United States"
Henri, 7,674 km
"Be careful of staying isolated, forge trustworthy contacts and respect the rules of the home you're invited into."

credit: IOM/ John Walder

Saif, 9,259 km
"Never forget your roots, just adapt to the new culture."
Drago, 8,770 km
"What I went through made me who I am today."
Ali, 11,148 km
"I believe that if one is pure and patient, he will find his way."

Photo credit: Marielle Segarra/Marketplace

Obay, 8,962 km
“When I grow up, I want to be a dentist. People in Syria have a certain pride that they don't like working for others.”
Astrid, 1,615 km
“To me migration is a necessity and just natural. “
Jorge, 1,634 km
"Personal interaction is key. When we interact personally, we find out what we have in common."
Flor, 9,028 km
"This country was founded by immigrants and has the concept of freedom and liberty at its core."
Vadim, 7,804 km
"I am a migrant; I am a result of the different travel experiences and different life experiences I faced."

Photo Credit: Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post

Mohammed, 11,946 km
He trained girls to box in Afghanistan. Then he ran for his life from the Taliban.

Photo Credits: TedTalks

Azra, 12,367 km
"Many immigrants have brought their unique talents to serve their new country. I’m an immigrant, I’m a Muslim, and I’m here to cure cancer."

Photo Credits: Mark Kirchhoff

James, 12,676 km
"We need to teach people that peace is the key to economic development. South Sudan is not for one tribe, it is for everybody."

Photo credits: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Edhabo, 13,896 km
"With all the challenges I've faced, I decided not to think about what I’m going through because I know I will be okay in the future."

Photo credits: IOM/Muse Mohammed 2016

Abdi, 14,742 km
"I lived the normal refugee life, having to go to school with no shoes and barely one meal a day."
Sandy, 3,311 km
"Adapting to new cultures, cities & people is easy compared to how big it means having to leave your family."

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Oussama, 8,981 km
"Every move has been fundamental to my success. If I had stayed in my home country would I have won three Olympic medals?"


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