united states

United States

Fiorella Esafe, 4,215 km
“Very proud to represent the Peruvian woman in the United States Army”
Giannina Villarán Bettis
“I feel very happy to represent Peru through my purses”
Sandra , 3,525 km
"If once again I had the opportunity to migrate to support my children, I would do it again."
José, 3,700 km
The Salvadoran José Valladares found in football the opportunity to know North America, where he struggles” as an illegal migrant.
José Bustillo, 3,833 km
“I started working at McDonald's and now work as a financial analyst with a globally recognized company”
Enrique Monzón, 3,525 km
“It would have been harder to survive a chronic illness in my home country”
Mario, 10,435 km
"The families that support us in America are not rich families, but they greatly appreciate the serious health situation in Albania."
Wei, 10,467 km
"Home is where I feel like I'm just another human being, not someone to be stared at or discriminated against."
Zarni, 13,887 km
"If you’re a migrant or a person without a nationality, it doesn’t mean you can't do what you want with your life."

Credit: IOM/ John Walder

Jenan, 9,237 km
"There was always a piece of me that was different no matter what group of people I was trying to fit in with."

Credit: IOM/ John Walder

Shireen, 8,836 km
"My father’s intellectual talent was his access to the United States"
Henri, 7,674 km
"Be careful of staying isolated, forge trustworthy contacts and respect the rules of the home you're invited into."

credit: IOM/ John Walder

Saif, 9,259 km
"Never forget your roots, just adapt to the new culture."
Drago, 8,770 km
"What I went through made me who I am today."
Ali, 11,148 km
"I believe that if one is pure and patient, he will find his way."

Photo credit: Marielle Segarra/Marketplace

Obay, 8,962 km
“When I grow up, I want to be a dentist. People in Syria have a certain pride that they don't like working for others.”
Astrid, 1,615 km
“To me migration is a necessity and just natural. “
Jorge, 1,634 km
"Personal interaction is key. When we interact personally, we find out what we have in common."
Flor, 9,028 km
"This country was founded by immigrants and has the concept of freedom and liberty at its core."
Vadim, 7,804 km
"I am a migrant; I am a result of the different travel experiences and different life experiences I faced."


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