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United States

Carmela, 5,580 km
"I now work with immigrant families and survivors of domestic abuse and often share my story with them."
Chieko, 10,162 km
“My parents' view of America changed when they saw that I was happy and I was taking every opportunity I could get."
Kamolnan, 13,887 km
"To me home is wherever the people I hold dear to my heart are. But unfortunately, this is not a comfort that everyone is afforded."
Xavier , 2,677 km
"For me, the "American dream" is not to have a house or a lot of money. For me, the dream is to do what I like."
Camille, 3,715 km
“The only difference between you and another person is the fact that they got an opportunity in life that you did not have.”
Ahmed, 9,444 km
“We know we will face challenges but I am certain they will not be as difficult as having to face death every day.”
Jennifer , 8,915 km
"I felt like I had been hit by a culture that was a century in the future compared to the one I had come from."
Meron, 12,580 km
“Whenever I migrated to a new country I always told myself, ‘there is a mountain ahead of you, face it.’”
Alejandra, 1,492 km
"When migrating for work reasons you must open yourself to new challenges or, as I see it, new adventures!"
Natasha, 11,732 km
"I had accepted my place as an outsider in America, but realizing that I was an outsider in Japan as well was heartbreaking."
Bounthanh, 13,305 km
"Everyone that comes to our door gets the help they need."

Photo credit: Facebook/Ahmed Badr

Ahmed, 11,835 km
“I think there is no better time than now to get my story out there and put a face to the word Muslim.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Abdulfatha

Adbulfatha, 12,350 km
"I love the experience of coming from Ethiopia to a country that has pushed me to be involved within my community."

Photo credit: IOM/Hajer Naili

Deng, 12,676 km
“Privileges are things that I take seriously because not all of those who left the village survived. But I am one of them.”

Photo courtesy of Imam Zia/ No Lost Generation GWU

Imam Zia, 11,133 km
"This experience of being a refugee came with hardships but also with a lot of blessings."

Photo credit: Djimon's Facebook.

Djimon, 12,131 km
"My legacy for my people exists. I need to tell my story about my worst days. At the end of the day you can never get away from who you are"

Credit: IOM/ Hajer Naili

Carolina, 3,116 km
"Here I can be myself. By just saying I am from Colombia, people get interested."

Credit: IOM/ Hajer Naili

Kassem, 9,444 km
“All my family members have left Syria. Three of my brothers had to take the 'death boat' to Europe and went to Germany."
John, 11,680 km
“I long for the day my country will be stable, I wish for the day children can come out to the streets and sing and dance without fear."

Photo courtesy. Magicvalley.com

Cecilia Violetta
"After my final performance of ‘Madame Butterfly,’ my father who never speaks English to us, said, ‘I’m so proud of you’."


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