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"The families that support us in America are not rich families, but they greatly appreciate the serious health situation in Albania."
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Mario Ademaj is not a rock star, though he likes to sing from time to time, as he did this summer when he experienced the groom's emotions. In life he works as a doctor. His passion is charity.

Mario and his wife came to Albania from California, where they live, to celebrate love in their country of origin, in Albania, at their roots. After the wedding, tradition dictates that the couple to go on a honeymoon, but there are priorities. Before the honeymoon, Mario will perform the annual ritual - during one day he must offer residents of a city medical visits and free drugs.

"I finished medical school in America and I thought I should do something for my country," says Mario.

Two years ago, along with some volunteer doctors from the United States and Albania, they offered this service to Pogradec residents. "Within a day 2000 patients came to us, who had not seen a doctor for the last 5 years, mainly for financial reasons."
This time he chose the city of Shkodra and managed to inspire new volunteers.

Mario left Albania early. He had never dreamed that one day would study medicine in America. The choice was made possible by his father's grave disease, from the need he had, not only for medical help, but above all human needs. Unfortunately he failed to keep his father alive, but pledged to do everything for others.

For Mario, medicine is all about humanity; while at school he shaped the idea of a free ambulatory clinic in the service of compatriots. Today, this idea is concretized in an organization called the International Medical Team for Albania, which is supported by various Albanian families.

"For the funds we have an extraordinary Albanian-American community in the US," Mario adds. "We're In different states, Michigan, Wisconsin, California, Chicago. Families that support us in America are not rich families, they have no money to spare, but they greatly appreciate the serious health situation in Albania. The funds they give to us go towards medications. The minimum that Albanians deserve is health."

Marios's plan is that one day, his free clinic will be extended to all areas where Albanians live.

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