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“Leaving was just a dream for me, a dream to start over with a new life, a dream to have a second chance."
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Viet Nam
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"My life back in France was not a very good experience for me due to many unfortunate incidents in my personal life. I did not feel happy and was not satisfied with it in a way. Leaving was just a dream for me, a dream to start over with a new life, a dream to have a second chance.  It was a distant dream and I had never thought that I would be able to make it happen. 

With a nice surprise, the opportunity came when a friend of mine in France asked me to join him in opening new business in Vietnam. Before France I had lived in Brazil for three months but I had no  previous experience in Asia. Vietnam was not necessarily my first choice, but I like to think of it as my destiny. So I did not think twice before choosing to follow my instinct and taking part in this adventure.

The first chapter of my life in Vietnam was not easy at all. I could not speak  English or Vietnamese. As a consequence, even the simplest things turned out to be very difficult. Therefore, I tried to learn English wherever and whenever I could. It took me a few months to be able to communicate confidently in English. Now I am focusing on studying Vietnamese, which is actually quite difficult. However, it would make it easier to expand my business and integrate with the local community.

Now it has been six years since I moved to Vietnam, and my life has completely changed. I feel comfortable here and very much integrated into Vietnamese society. At the moment, I am managing a business of my own and can do things I enjoy every day. Home is where I want to be, with people I enjoy being around. Basically it could be anywhere, but for me, it is Vietnam.  I would not have everything I have today if I had not chosen to leave that day, and I am grateful for that.” 

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