Souleyman, 2,550 km
“If I go home now, they will think I’m a coward; if I die, they will think I’m a hero, but if I make it, everyone will be happy.” #iamamigrant
Dennis, 573 km
"I would like humanity to be truly democratic for LGBTI population" #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/Muse mohammed

Than Zaw Oo, 194 km
"In front of my father I have to appear like a man. My mother accepts me." #iamamigrant
Valdis, 193 km
“This country has provided me with everything an individual can wish for to live a happy and prosperous life." #iamamigrant
Svetlana, 822 km
"I longed to return because I love the sea in Estonia and the country’s aesthetic beauty. I felt there were many opportunities." #iamamigrant
Oluwatobi, 5,660 km
“I want to be able to help in my community, I am passionate about working with the youth and children.” #iamamigrant
“People are different – not all women have the same goals or ambitions, and we need to respect that.” #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Carolina Celi

Pam, 4,371 km
"I wanted to help others using the knowledge I obtained from being a child of immigrants and growing up in two countries and now I can." #iamamigrant
Marie, 9,969 km
"I wish we lived in a world where migration was a free choice, and that everybody would know what equality and dignity mean." #iamamigrant

photo credits: IOM/Chiara frisone

Chik Aljoy, 1,124 km
"I have never been treated differently for being a foreigner. I’ve learnt to adapt and to fit in. I have learnt by observing." #iamamigrant
Anonymous , 3,315 km
“For me home is the place where I feel free. If you’re not free, if you’re under oppression you don’t feel like you’re home.” #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: Monica Chiriac

Barry, 2,101 km
"We were 168 when we left and 8 made it back alive. I don’t see it as failure, but as a stepping stone in my life." #iamamigrant
Shir, 5,737 km
“I decided to leave because I wanted to save my life and my family.” #iamamigrant
“As a former diaspora member, I am making the link, trying to be the bridge between both countries.” #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/Amanda nero

"Now, I run my own mechanic shop where I fix motorbikes and sell engines and other parts." #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Biola, 1,671 km
“I told them I was going back home. There are some things that money can’t buy.” #iamamigrant
Bala, 3,774 km
"My dream is to save up to build a house for my family in my country." #iamamigrant
Amer, 12,480 km
“The solidarity of the Mexican people is the biggest lesson I have learned.” #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/monica chiriac

Ansoumana, 2,434 km
"Once I talked to people about what they had lived and witnessed on their journey, I knew it wasn’t worth risking my life for Italy." #iamamigrant
Ahmad, 12,324 km
“From Aleppo to Mexico they built a bridge for me; I will build one to return to Syria” #iamamigrant