Credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

“If the state told me tomorrow that I could go back, I would, but they won’t because it’s not safe yet.”

Photo credit. IOM/Monica chiriac

Koffi, 1,212 km
"You tell people your story hoping they change their minds, but for some seeing is believing. They are determined to make it to Europe."
"To my twenty year old younger self, I say thank you as the decision to migrate has enriched my life."
"I advise my people who want to migrate to stay here. Do not make this dangerous journey - invest in Ghana."
"The one thing I’ve learned through all of this is that - money is important but life is precious."
Kevin, 14,418 km
"Migration works as a bridge over the divide of misunderstanding and the unknown. I hope I am part of that bridge."
"Migration is about learning and growing, and to share this experience with others."
"Back home I want those who have helped me to see what I have accomplished."
"I went as a refugee to Finland and was trained as a nurse there. I went back to my country to be able to cure my people."
Léa, 7,811 km
"I was afraid of being home sick, but from my first day here I felt safe and comfortable."
Zina, 1,349 km
"I agreed to move because I thought it would be a great experience to work abroad, learn how to be independent and do things by myself."
Zarni, 13,887 km
"If you’re a migrant or a person without a nationality, it doesn’t mean you can't do what you want with your life."

Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Princess, 2,985 km
"If I ever see a woman wanting to take this route, I will tell her to kill herself instead."
Setareh, 5,789 km
"I first started drawing when we got to Greece. I want to go to an open camp and draw buildings."
Giulia, 1,210 km
“I use music as a tool for integration. It is a language that everyone speaks. Through music and dancing I can get in touch with people.”
Jelena, 378 km
"It’s not about belonging to a community ethnically or nationally or having a common culture it's about sharing experiences."
Natalia, 951 km
“As soon as you move abroad you perceive that the world is not locked in one city, that there are opportunities”.
Zuhal, 3,122 km
“Others see me as a migrant, so I started to look at myself in a similar way.”
Daniel, 5,309 km
"Nothing is more precious than my freedom."

Credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Patrick, 951 km
“After they found 23 survivors, they also found me somewhere further away between a pile of corpses. They thought I was dead and so did I.”