Amie Jobe, 5,005 km
“I was quickly able to support myself and retrace my steps to become the empowered person I am today.” #iamamigrant
Joseph Dalilah , 5,478 km
“I encourage young people to take up poultry farming. It is a profitable business with a high demand.” #iamamigrant
Ebou Cham
“We must believe in ourselves to achieve our goals.” #iamamigrant
Faustina, 2,808 km
You don’t need to travel outside to look for greener pastures. #avrr #eutf #iamamigrant
Isatou Sowe
I want to encourage other women to empower themselves and start a new business activity within their communities. #avrr #eutf #iamamigrant
Alieu Jallow, 4,280 km
I decided to come back home to study when I realized that crossing the Mediterranean Sea was not as easy as I imagined. #avrr #eutf #iamamigrant
Nyimanding Camara
Just like men, women need to be empowered in order to contribute to the advancement of their families and societies. #avrr #eutf #iamamigrant #MigrantAlly
Annie Johnson
Women can contribute to combat irregular migration through counseling their children. #avrr #eutf #MigrantAlly

IOM The Gambia

Abass Senghore , 3,728 km
" Some people were looking at me as if I had failed " #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Jacob Ndow , 3,728 km
" My reason for migrating was to find greener pastures " #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia 

Rosa , 1,673 km
“People should be able to migrate as a right, but we should take into consideration that there are safer ways to migrate” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia 

Alieu Sisawo , 3,728 km
“I am proud of myself and I can say I am now a rich, young man.” #iamamigrant

Flavia Giordani/IOM

Ismail, 2,480 km
"I never saw him so happy before" #iamamigrant

©IOM 2018/Sibylle Desjardins

Mouna, 6,656 km
“I never planned to migrate, but it was my destiny.” #iamamigrant

IOM/Monica Chiriac

Mohammed , 1,380 km
“Life used to be beautiful in Libya. I could work for a day and feed myself for three,” #iamamigrant

© Monica Chiriac/IOM

Mamadou , 2,261 km
“Too many people lose their lives in the desert. There is nothing to eat or drink it’s a disaster,” #iamamigrant

©IOM 2018/S. Desjardins

Mariam , 1,318 km
“Now, in Sierra Leone, I am free. I can walk in the street without fear, no one can stop or expel me ” #iamamigrant


Prospère, 1,790 km
“I was already working as a mason in Burkina, but I could not find work projects. Then, I decided to go to Algeria to work and make money,” #iamamigrant

IOM Regional Office for West and Central Africa.

Kojo, 2,924 km
“I am happy to be back. I feel a bit disappointed, but I’m alive and that is the most important thing after all,” #iamamigrant

François-Xavier Ada-Affana and IOM Regional Office for West and Central Africa.

Loveth, 1,397 km
"I did not have money, I did not have a passport." #iamamigrant