Omar and his family, 1,315 km
"I could open a new store and resume my career as a tailor, while raising our children away from war and pain". #iamarefugee
Ali and his family, 1,185 km
"We want nothing more than security, safety and a better future for our children.” #iamarefugee
Sameh, Marah and Majd , 2,922 km
"I want to continue my life here." #iamarefugee
Samir, 3,711 km
"Everything has an end, bad times and good times, no matter who you are. Enjoy being alone. Don't be afraid of your own company." #iamarefugee
Roman, 9,598 km
"Australia impressed me for its peace and multicultural society, I was very excited to be faced with these different circumstances." #iamarefugee

Photo credit: IOM/Mohannad Abusalah

Jbara, 1,830 km
“I really miss the soft sand from back home and sitting in peace with my family and friends. Syria will always be my home.” #iamarefugee
Alaa, 1,095 km
"I want to tell people that even when life feels dark, it goes on." #iamarefugee
Jory, 1,095 km
"Leaving home is the most difficult thing I have ever done." #iamarefugee
Ismael and his family, 1,412 km
"I am very happy that I will have a new life in France". #iamarefugee
Karim , 1,730 km
"My life is in Europe now.” #iamarefugee
Abdullah, 1,206 km
"And now I’m finally relocating to Spain, I feel really excited". #iamarefugee
Noor, 1,412 km
"I see myself adapting easily to the Netherlands". #iamarefugee
Abdalsalam’s family, 1,412 km
"We have friends and family in the Netherlands, so we are happy that we will relocate there". #iamarefugee
Abeer, 2,922 km
"I hope that this degree will help me find a good job in Germany to start working as soon as possible". #iamarefugee
Yamman’s family, 1,237 km
“I’m so happy to relocate to Sweden, I really wanted to go there". #iamarefugee
Mohammed and his family, 1,206 km
"We found out that we will relocate to Germany, a fact that made us really happy". #iamarefugee
Sawsan, 1,493 km
"We only wish to live like normal people, to enjoy our lives". #iamarefugee
Ilham and her family, 1,493 km
"I have a lot of dreams for my life in Germany". #iamarefugee
Abdel and his family, 1,206 km
"In France, we’ll try to leave behind us all that we’ve been through". #iamarefugee
Fatima and her son, Suleiman , 1,175 km
"I’m moving to Finland, I will make my dream come true". #iamarefugee