Nyimanding Camara
Just like men, women need to be empowered in order to contribute to the advancement of their families and societies. #avrr #eutf #iamamigrant #MigrantAlly
Annie Johnson
Women can contribute to combat irregular migration through counseling their children. #avrr #eutf #MigrantAlly
Agathe, 465 km
"Integration means getting over the idea that a migrant will stay a migrant, both new arrivals and the locals need to understand this." #MigrantAlly
Sylvie, 465 km
"I don't like the word 'integration,' I prefer 'inclusion'. We all have to work to be a part of the society we live in." #MigrantAlly
"I understand the ways in which migration and, in some cases, asylum can change one's life outlook." #MigrantAlly
Maria, 9,598 km
"If migrants come to your country because they have to, it is likely that they had a hard life before and moving is for survival." #MigrantAlly
Jose, 9,266 km
"Integration is all about feeling comfortable with the people and customs of the host country." #MigrantAlly
Doreen, 6,185 km
"Migration means giving people the freedom to go places where their lives can be improved and they can improve the lives of others." #MigrantAlly
Sabina, 4,233 km
"We can learn from migrants and see them as the strong individuals that are equal to us, rather than people who automatically need help." #MigrantAlly
Alessandro, 837 km
"We have to respect each other, accept the differences that divide us, and fight against any discriminatory laws." #MigrantAlly
Henri, 7,674 km
"Be careful of staying isolated, forge trustworthy contacts and respect the rules of the home you're invited into." #MigrantAlly
Ezra, 786 km
"Choices that affect other human beings should be based on facts as opposed to conjecture." #MigrantAlly
Barbara, 896 km
"Ask as many questions as you need to. If you don't understand the answer, keep asking!" #MigrantAlly
Marc, 991 km
"Integration takes time, but once you achieve it in your own way, it can be a source of freedom, cooperation and relief." #MigrantAlly

Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

"They often say: ‘Ok, so you’ve come to our ghetto to inform us about the dangers of this route, but have you ever tried it yourself?’" #MigrantAlly

photo credit: IOM/amanda nero

"It is a privilege to be part of something meaningful. I'm proud to promote the ideals that the UN stands for." #MigrantAlly