José, 3,700 km
The Salvadoran José Valladares found in football the opportunity to know North America, where he struggles” as an illegal migrant. #Togetherthroughsport
Ion Lazarenco Tiron, 3,253 km
“If today, 1 out of 10 people who left my village would give back to the community, my village would look like Switzerland." #Togetherthroughsport
Yusra Mardini, 3,700 km
From Fleeing Syria To Competing In The Olympics #Togetherthroughsport
Radja Nainggolan and the City Pirates, 1,519 km
The relationship of trust built between players, parents and the City Pirates club, makes it easy for certain matters to be dicussed. #Togetherthroughsport

Photo credit: Getty Images

Lorik Cana
"My motivation to succeed was also fired by the journey my family had taken and the tough times faced by the people who stayed back home." #Togetherthroughsport
Ahmad, 4,237 km
From Aleppo to London - The Journey of a Three Lions Supporter #Togetherthroughsport
Vladimir Petkovic, 862 km
The Migrant Who Struggled His Way To The Top Of Swiss Football #Togetherthroughsport
Jordi, 621 km
La historia del migrante nicaragüense que se hizo futbolista en Costa Rica y está a punto de convertirse en legionario. #Togetherthroughsport
Hazem Emam
Your Family, Your Dream, Your Life #Togetherthroughsport


Mohamed Salah, 3,704 km
"The source of happiness for millions of Egyptians." #Togetherthroughsport

Photo credit: UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré

Match for Solidarity
"In a truly global economy, sports create a migrant meritocracy few other industries can match." - William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General #Togetherthroughsport

Photo credit: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian

Club Together and Justice FC, 9,913 km
"It’s not just about football but about challenging [discrimination] in society." #Togetherthroughsport
Nechirvan , 1,412 km
"My life now is nicer, more quiet. I’m going to English and Greek classes in order to improve my language skills." #Togetherthroughsport

Photo credit: Jose Jordan/AFP

Karim and Yves, 5,708 km
Karim and Yves trekked for years through Africa from Cameroon before arriving in Spain where they now play football and rugby. #Togetherthroughsport
"I can play without being ashamed, or feeling like I won’t be as good as the other guys." #iamarefugee #Togetherthroughsport
Olufemi, 4,669 km
"My plan was to keep these kids off the streets & re-channel them towards positive things in life. Sport helped promote unity." #iamamigrant #Togetherthroughsport

Photo credit: Alex Buisse

Mohammed , 1,016 km
"Instead of saying, ‘we are refugees,’ I want us to say, ‘we are the same as the others.’ We can make it even if we live far from home." #iamarefugee #Togetherthroughsport
"My suitcase is the only thing that reminds me of my experience abroad." #iamamigrant #Togetherthroughsport
Mihir, 7,671 km
"I feel Indian but I feel British too. This is a duality. UK is my main home, India is my former home.” #iamamigrant #Togetherthroughsport
Zouhair, 2,078 km
"Football taught me from a very young age that we are living in a multi-cultural community. You do not belong to one culture only." #Togetherthroughsport