Photo credit: IOM/Uduak Amimo

"I would not migrate again because I saw many problems; some people died during the journey and I do not want to go in such a way." #eutf

Photo credit: IOM/Uduak Amimo

"I would not migrate or travel like that ever again due to the suffering I experienced and saw." #eutf

Photo credit: IOM/Uduak Amimo

"I left Ethiopia to look for a job. I'm the last-born in a family of six, and I needed to do something." #eutf

Photo credit: IOM/Uduak Amimo

"After many challenges, my wife and I decided to return to Ethiopia and work. We are now in a good situation." #eutf

Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Souleyman, 3,608 km
“My fellow brothers need to know that this route is one of sacrifice. You don’t know how you will die, but chances are it will happen.” #eutf #iamamigrant

Photo credit: Marianna Bertelle

"When I was in jail, I was thinking about our life back home where, even if we didn't have much, we were happy and could live freely." #eutf #iamamigrant

Photo credit: IOm/Monica Chiriac

Smart, 2,253 km
"This route is deadly. I wouldn't take it again. I said to myself that my life was more precious than Italy." #eutf #iamamigrant