Omar Enrique Nizama Peña, 3,753 km
"I learned to adapt to this beautiful country” #iamamigrant
Silvia Plácido Bauer, 10,880 km
“Being a migrant taught me to do my best” #iamamigrant
Paula Whittembury, 10,449 km
“My desire to continue chasing my dreams motivates me to continue the struggle” #iamamigrant
Fiorella Esafe, 4,215 km
“Very proud to represent the Peruvian woman in the United States Army” #iamamigrant
Lizbet de la Cruz, 10,468 km
"Changing does not mean forgetting my past" #iamamigrant
Joseph Castillo, 3,135 km
"I see myself graduating and traveling to other countries" #iamamigrant
"Maybe in the future I will get a chance to give something back to my home country but right now I am focused on doing something here." #iamamigrant
"I am sure that anyone, no matter where they come from, could find a place of their own in this country." #iamamigrant
Giannina Villarán Bettis
“I feel very happy to represent Peru through my purses” #iamamigrant
Katherine Tinoco Reyes, 10,161 km
"One day I hope to have British students in order to spread the Peruvian culture" #iamamigrant
Sharon , 3,321 km
I am a daughter of migration, because the only way of living I know is by missing #iamamigrant
Diana , 1,845 km
“I love my home country and I am extremely excited to share its traditions and history with the world.” #avrr
Abdul Qadir Babakarkhel
"As the famous saying goes, 'a person without language is half a person.' So the first thing I did was to learn Dutch." #iamamigrant
"I am very grateful to IOM for helping me implement my business plan" #avrr
Alavidze , 1,734 km
“Our dream is to move to a small Georgian village and start a family business”. #avrr
Abba, 1,200 km
“We will see what happens with time, but for now, I am happy with my life in Niger.” #iamamigrant
Mario Araya, 6,914 km
I have also learned that you are not alone and that you must fight to be well, taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health. #iamamigrant
Yescarleth Rodriguez, 396 km
I discovered that to migrate means to move and that every person, physically or spiritually is, is a migrant. #diasporavoice #iamamigrant
Alice, 2,836 km
"I enjoy having the ability to make people see beautiful things in their country that they may have previously taken for granted." #iamamigrant
Rafael Aguilar, 9,504 km
I am lucky enough to be a migrant by choice. This privilege does not stop me from missing my family, friends, culture and language. #diasporavoice #iamamigrant