Gonzalo, 363 km
"We have the opportunity to be, well, one voice, andinvite to include, respect and tolerate other people." #iamamigrant
Sandra , 3,525 km
"If once again I had the opportunity to migrate to support my children, I would do it again." #iamamigrant
José Bustillo, 3,833 km
“I started working at McDonald's and now work as a financial analyst with a globally recognized company” #iamamigrant
Enrique Monzón, 3,525 km
“It would have been harder to survive a chronic illness in my home country” #iamamigrant
Mario, 10,435 km
"The families that support us in America are not rich families, but they greatly appreciate the serious health situation in Albania." #iamamigrant
Khraw and Elena, 5,572 km
“My family is my home and home is indeed where your heart belongs. So, yes, Romania is home for me.” #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: Monica Chiriac/IOM

Maurice , 2,580 km
“Close to the border with Niger, in the middle of the desert, at 11 pm, they unloaded 100 people.” #iamamigrant
Emily, 6,647 km
"Moving somewhere new has given me a new sense of independence. I know I can still be me, just me somewhere else." #iamamigrant
Natalia, 976 km
"I probably won’t be able to repay all the kindness, but I would like to something back to Estonian society in the future." #iamamigrant
Eymi, 9,492 km
"In Romania, you can’t do certain things in public. In Cuba, we sing on the streets, we dance on the streets, we are different." #iamamigrant
Younes, 1,938 km
"I like going to school so much! I dream of becoming a doctor when I grow up.” #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: Alina Baisan

Oday, 2,455 km
"Everybody wants to leave the country and to find a better life, but not all of them have the chance." #iamamigrant
Wei, 10,467 km
"Home is where I feel like I'm just another human being, not someone to be stared at or discriminated against." #iamamigrant
Joanna, 1,193 km
"I only knew where Estonia was located on the map, nothing else. I thought: why not, let the adventure begin!" #iamamigrant
"Santoso migrated in the nineties to the Netherlands, a country that he mainly knew from his parents' tales." #iamamigrant
Mawdo, 4,831 km
"I love the Netherlands, but I always said that if possible I would return to Gambia." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit : IOM / Olivier Spree

Tavish, 8,367 km
"In his early fifties, he sometimes feels the pressure to make up his mind: continue life under the radar or start anew." #iamamigrant
Ahmed, 3,681 km
“After what I experienced in Libya, I think there is a little bit of me that died.” #iamamigrant
"I must have been crazy, but once you reach a point of no return, you go anyway." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: Alina Baisan

Elena, 1,737 km
"I did not find true happiness until I left Russia and met the most surprising person ever, by accident." #iamamigrant