Fawzi and his wife, Hamide , 1,237 km
“It was the first thing I told during the first interview of the relocation procedure! I need to go to Finland!”. #iamarefugee
Sara and her family, 1,616 km
"Νow that we’re finally going to Germany, all I can hope for is for a safe future for Sara and my other children". #iamarefugee
Murad and his family, 1,237 km
“Murad now is happier and calmer than ever before". #iamarefugee
Mohammad, 1,237 km
"Now, we are finally leaving for Norway". #iamarefugee
Rashad, 1,513 km
“I just can’t wait to go to school every day!”. #iamarefugee
Ali and the escorts, 1,495 km
“It’s such a fulfilling job to be their escort. We are family now”. #iamarefugee
Roula, 1,271 km
"God or fate, you name it, decided that Portugal will be our new home". #iamarefugee
Abbas and his family , 1,860 km
"All we want is a calm, safe life. And education for our children”. #iamarefugee
Raaffat and his family, 1,271 km
“We are looking forward to a new beginning in Germany". #iamarefugee
Khaled’s family, 1,244 km
“Do you know where I’d really like to be relocated? To Cyprus!”. #iamarefugee
Alaeddin, 1,206 km
“I know that I’m off to a beautiful country with very nice people." #iamarefugee
Rama , 1,206 km
“I want to learn everything! Writing, reading, drawing, everything!”. #iamarefugee
Fouad, Mohammad and Hamza, 1,206 km
“I’m really happy to go, we can finally get some peace of mind, feel a little better”. #iamarefugee
Hiyfat, Sara and Muhammad, 1,237 km
“I’m really happy for my children as I believe education is very important”. #iamarefugee
Joan, 1,237 km
“I go to the greek school and I like it very much". #iamarefugee
Ameer, Ahmad and Rant , 1,237 km
"Germany is the 'holy grail' for the majority of Syrian refugees". #iamarefugee
Ahmed , 1,237 km
"We are very satisfied with our life in Luxembourg." #iamarefugee
Adbalsalam , 1,237 km
"We are thankful to you and IOM because you help us." #iamarefugee
Abann, 15,055 km
"I am proud to have achieved successful outcomes throughout my struggle for a better life." #iamarefugee

Photo credit: IOM/Tiago Figueiredo

Rafat, 5,598 km
"Every day I think about Syria. It seems that everything I knew there happened in another life — a life I miss a lot." #iamarefugee