"I no longer have the mental insecurity of being an irregular migrant that I had in both Iran and Austria." #avrr
"When I left Afghanistan to work in Iran 10 years ago, I left because I had nothing in Afghanistan." #avrr
"If I had known what it was really going to be like abroad, and which difficulties I would face upon return, I would have never left." #avrr
"I returned to Georgia while in less than a month my small business had been set up ". #avrr
"My business is running well and my income is enough to support myself and my family." #avrr
Ahmed, 1,808 km
"Now not only I am ready to return to my home country but I can also start working again." #avrr
"IOM not only gave me the opportunity to see my family again, but I also managed to enhance my fragile medical situation." #avrr
Nabil, 1,185 km
“I love working in the food industry. This is the reason why I want to go back to my country and restart my life.” #avrr
"IOM thank you very much, I will never forget this assistance.” #avrr
Khurram , 4,533 km
"Participating in IOM’s AVRR project was my only solution". #avrr
“Thank you very much IOM. I am something more than happy. I feel important in my neighborhood.” #avrr
"Being safe and finding a job were my top priorities...Somehow, I knew that my future is there, in my home country." #avrr
“When there is no risk, there is no profit. I will risk for the best of this family business. Thank you IOM, you helped me to start, I will #avrr
Azad and his family , 1,808 km
"We decided to return to our home, but this time in a safe and organized way." #avrr
Nozary , 1,412 km
"The thought of being back again with my family and friends makes me really happy!". #avrr
Salih and Hussein
"A new job in Iraq was expecting us! We were very happy". #avrr
Rehmat , 4,602 km
"I strongly believe that I am now ready to go back home and restart my new life". #avrr
"Through the reintegration assistance in kind of IOM Greece, I finally managed to implement my plan”. #avrr
"With the assistance of IOM Offices in Greece and Afghanistan, my plan became reality." #avrr
Alfred and his wife, Immaculata, 4,575 km
"We will be given some assistance by IOM to start again in Kenya". #avrr