"I returned to Georgia while in less than a month my small business had been set up ". #avrr
Natalia, 976 km
"I probably won’t be able to repay all the kindness, but I would like to something back to Estonian society in the future." #iamamigrant
"My business is running well and my income is enough to support myself and my family." #avrr
Eymi, 9,492 km
"In Romania, you can’t do certain things in public. In Cuba, we sing on the streets, we dance on the streets, we are different." #iamamigrant
Yusra Mardini, 3,700 km
From Fleeing Syria To Competing In The Olympics #Togetherthroughsport
Ahmed, 1,808 km
"Now not only I am ready to return to my home country but I can also start working again." #avrr
Younes, 1,938 km
"I like going to school so much! I dream of becoming a doctor when I grow up.” #iamamigrant
"IOM not only gave me the opportunity to see my family again, but I also managed to enhance my fragile medical situation." #avrr
Radja Nainggolan and the City Pirates, 1,519 km
The relationship of trust built between players, parents and the City Pirates club, makes it easy for certain matters to be dicussed. #Togetherthroughsport

Photo Credit: Alina Baisan

Oday, 2,455 km
"Everybody wants to leave the country and to find a better life, but not all of them have the chance." #iamamigrant

Photo credit: Getty Images

Lorik Cana
"My motivation to succeed was also fired by the journey my family had taken and the tough times faced by the people who stayed back home." #Togetherthroughsport
Ahmad, 4,237 km
From Aleppo to London - The Journey of a Three Lions Supporter #Togetherthroughsport
Wei, 10,467 km
"Home is where I feel like I'm just another human being, not someone to be stared at or discriminated against." #iamamigrant
Joanna, 1,193 km
"I only knew where Estonia was located on the map, nothing else. I thought: why not, let the adventure begin!" #iamamigrant
"Santoso migrated in the nineties to the Netherlands, a country that he mainly knew from his parents' tales." #iamamigrant
Mawdo, 4,831 km
"I love the Netherlands, but I always said that if possible I would return to Gambia." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit : IOM / Olivier Spree

Tavish, 8,367 km
"In his early fifties, he sometimes feels the pressure to make up his mind: continue life under the radar or start anew." #iamamigrant
Ahmed, 3,681 km
“After what I experienced in Libya, I think there is a little bit of me that died.” #iamamigrant
"I must have been crazy, but once you reach a point of no return, you go anyway." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: Alina Baisan

Elena, 1,737 km
"I did not find true happiness until I left Russia and met the most surprising person ever, by accident." #iamamigrant