IOM The Gambia

Musa Fofana , 3,728 km
" I made numerous attempts to cross the Mediterranean, but there was no way to go through the sea" #iamamigrant
Ebenezer, 5,607 km
“ I am fortunate to be alive because many did not survive,” #iamamigrant
Bella, 4,208 km
“What choice do we have? No one will give us any other job in this town.” #iamamigrant

Photo: © Seydou Tangara/IOM

Adama , 1,224 km
" The smugglers take advantage of our illusive hopes." #iamamigrant

Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Hamma, 1,163 km
“I never want to stop learning, I want to become the best version of myself.” #iamamigrant

Photo: © Alexander Bee/OIM.



Zeini Mohamed , 1,104 km
"In old times, it was Kumasi, in Ghana. That was our Eldorado." #iamamigrant

 IOM/Monica Chiriac

Joshua , 3,788 km
“I have seen terrible things during this journey” #iamamigrant

 Monica Chiriac/IOM

Smart , 2,484 km
“This route is deadly. I wouldn’t take it again. I said to myself that my life was more precious than Italy.” #iamamigrant

Photo : © Julia Burpee/OIM

Augustine , 2,069 km
" To get back, we walked through the desert for days… " #iamamigrant

Photo: IOM/ Amanda Nero

Rex, 2,212 km
“ an air-conditioned bus and put him on a ship headed to Italy.” #iamamigrant

Photo: IOM/Moayad Zaghdani

Daouda, 1,380 km
“I could have gone to Europe a long time ago if I wanted to, but the European dream was never my goal" #iamamigrant
Víctor Hugo Abanto Guadiamos, 9,503 km
“I migrated because I fell in love” #iamamigrant
Pablo Gálvez, 10,663 km
“Photography is an art that I am passionate about” #iamamigrant
Isabel Palomino Galarza, 6,207 km
"Do not leave everything to fate, what is desired is pursued." #iamamigrant

Photo: Kimani DeShields-Williams

Madeleine , 10,196 km
“Migration is natural” #iamamigrant

Photo : Kimani DeShields-Williams

Alixe, 3,750 km
" Regarding migration, I think that being able to travel or even migrate is an advantage because the journey trains and educates you. " #iamamigrant

Photo: Kimani DeShields-Williams

Hervé, 2,785 km
" Europe is not their only option to be successful. " #iamamigrant

Photo: Ezechiel Minnamou Djoubsou 

Sister Aida, 2,672 km
" migration is a good thing, it allows us to change up the routine, discover new things and learn lessons " #iamamigrant

Photo: Eden Oulatar Thomas 

Seni, 2,219 km
" My only ambition is to go back to see my family " #iamamigrant

Photo: Eden Oulatar Thomas 

Soiba, 1,160 km
" I have decided to return to the family I left behind. " #iamamigrant