IOM The Gambia 

Amadou, 3,728 km
“I used to depend on my salary before I left The Gambia, but now I have my own sales.” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia 

Ebrima, 3,728 km
“If young people received adequate support to develop and use our skills, no one would be thinking of the backway.” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Sirreh, 3,728 km
“I want to become a successful businesswoman and empower my fellow Gambian women.” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia 

Suwandi, 3,728 km
"I had always dreamt of going abroad in the hope of bettering my future" #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Abdoulie, 3,728 km
“I don’t think about the backway anymore. I just want to work and make my kids, my wife and my parents proud.” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Ousman, 3,728 km
“Many boys my age often talk about thebackway without telling their parents.” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Fatou, 3,728 km
“I am happy to finally reunite with my family after many years of hardship in Libya.” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Foday, 3,728 km
“I am happy to reunite with my family, and I look forward to expanding my bicycle business.” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Musa Jallow, 3,278 km
“My family is happy that I go to work every day, and hopefully at the end of the month I will be able to bring home enough income for all.” #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Ebrima Bah , 2,273 km
" The journey was a really tough experience. After several futile attempts to cross, I returned home in early 2020. " #iamamigrant

IOM The Gambia

Musa Fofana , 3,728 km
" I made numerous attempts to cross the Mediterranean, but there was no way to go through the sea" #iamamigrant
Ebenezer, 5,607 km
“ I am fortunate to be alive because many did not survive,” #iamamigrant
Bella, 4,208 km
“What choice do we have? No one will give us any other job in this town.” #iamamigrant

Photo: © Seydou Tangara/IOM

Adama , 1,224 km
" The smugglers take advantage of our illusive hopes." #iamamigrant

Photo: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Hamma, 1,163 km
“I never want to stop learning, I want to become the best version of myself.” #iamamigrant

Photo: © Alexander Bee/OIM.



Zeini Mohamed , 1,104 km
"In old times, it was Kumasi, in Ghana. That was our Eldorado." #iamamigrant

 IOM/Monica Chiriac

Joshua , 3,788 km
“I have seen terrible things during this journey” #iamamigrant

 Monica Chiriac/IOM

Smart , 2,484 km
“This route is deadly. I wouldn’t take it again. I said to myself that my life was more precious than Italy.” #iamamigrant

Photo : © Julia Burpee/OIM

Augustine , 2,069 km
" To get back, we walked through the desert for days… " #iamamigrant

Photo: IOM/ Amanda Nero

Rex, 2,212 km
“ an air-conditioned bus and put him on a ship headed to Italy.” #iamamigrant