Photo credit: SBS News

Jamila, 11,611 km
My Australia: From washing dishes to Qantas executive #iamamigrant
Ostadazimi, 3,982 km
"I just wanted to get away from Asia, to find a safe place." #iamamigrant
Arnaud, 2,550 km
“Having lived in different countries has made me a better person with stronger values.” #iamamigrant
Nasima, 4,238 km
"I feel that I have a big responsibility to be an example to the thousands of young immigrants in Helsinki." #iamamigrant

Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Alioune, 2,731 km
“Here I was at sea once more. I could already see myself in Europe. I really thought we were going to make it this time.” #iamamigrant
Cecilia, 9,967 km
“I would encourage anyone looking to develop themselves professionally to have a good look at Estonia.” #iamamigrant
Hidar, 4,294 km
"My mother is a teacher. I am very excited to be back in class!" #iamamigrant
Alejandro, 14,184 km
"The fear is not of leaving, but of no longer belonging." #iamamigrant
Mohamed , 4,307 km
"School is really good, as well as my teachers". #iamamigrant

Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Souleyman, 3,608 km
“My fellow brothers need to know that this route is one of sacrifice. You don’t know how you will die, but chances are it will happen.” #eutf #iamamigrant

Photo credit: Steffi von der Heid

Mala, 16,084 km
"I believe compassion is the perfect antidote to our fears." #iamamigrant
Judith, 12,246 km
"Migrants make the world go around, and I’m lucky to be able to go around it too." #iamamigrant
Ahmed, 13,624 km
"I thought that since I was born and raised in Somaliland, I would still feel at home there." #iamamigrant
Ophelia, 8,708 km
"My job is very important because it combats the social stigma of diagnosed patients." #iamamigrant
Daniel Matul , 874 km
"That is the biggest challenge of living in another country: living a little here and a little there" #iamamigrant
Mika, 7,309 km
“There is no work for me in Bangladesh, but here there is." #iamamigrant
Nazir and his daughters , 3,865 km
"It’s very nice in Greece, but we plan to leave with family reunification". #iamamigrant

Photo credit: Marianna Bertelle

"When I was in jail, I was thinking about our life back home where, even if we didn't have much, we were happy and could live freely." #eutf #iamamigrant
Mario and Fatima
"There are so many different cultures here in Australia and this helps with integration." #iamamigrant
Gilbert, 4,442 km
"I would like for everyone to travel around freely and unrestricted by borders. That would be wonderful." #iamamigrant