People have always moved in search of safety, opportunity, adventure and more. Whether it’s the new teacher at a local school, a neighbour, or the owner of the most successful business in town, migrants shape our societies. If you’re a sports fan, chances are that your favourite team is made up of migrants; but when the athletes are on the pitch, track or court, their background almost doesn’t matter. Winning is everything.

Hard work and passion are boundless, and the results are evident in every discipline — from the top flight to the community leagues. Moreover, sport can be a powerful tool for facilitating integration and building links within communities, amongst players and their most devoted fans. On this page, i am a migrant will be highlighting positive stories of sport, migration and integration as part of the Together Through Sport campaign. Follow us on social media (TwitterFacebook and Instagram) for updates about this and our World Cup showcase: Home Away From Home. Get involved using our hashtag #Togetherthroughsport and contact us to share stories of your own sporting initiatives or have your profile posted on the site.




José, 3,700 km
The Salvadoran José Valladares found in football the opportunity to know North America, where he struggles” as an illegal migrant.
Ion Lazarenco Tiron, 3,253 km
“If today, 1 out of 10 people who left my village would give back to the community, my village would look like Switzerland."
Yusra Mardini, 3,700 km
From Fleeing Syria To Competing In The Olympics
Radja Nainggolan and the City Pirates, 1,519 km
The relationship of trust built between players, parents and the City Pirates club, makes it easy for certain matters to be dicussed.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Lorik Cana
"My motivation to succeed was also fired by the journey my family had taken and the tough times faced by the people who stayed back home."
Ahmad, 4,237 km
From Aleppo to London - The Journey of a Three Lions Supporter
Vladimir Petkovic, 862 km
The Migrant Who Struggled His Way To The Top Of Swiss Football
Jordi, 621 km
La historia del migrante nicaragüense que se hizo futbolista en Costa Rica y está a punto de convertirse en legionario.


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