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"Los inmigrantes hacemos mucho por este país, y al mismo tiempo estamos agradecidos por tener la oportunidad de crecer"
Luis, 6,524 km

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las historias

“Por la migración estoy donde estoy y tengo trabajo. Es más, a punta de palo de piso, tengo mi casa muy bonita que la disfrutan mis hijos"
Adriana, 2,554 km
"Puede ser que algún día regrese a mi país o vaya a otro, pero me gusta pensar que dejé algo acá, que hice algo por el Perú"
Javier, 3,697 km
“Desde mi trabajo aporto a la mejora del medio ambiente del país.”
Andres, 10,217 km
“En Europa hay que ayudar y dialogar con los ancianos y siempre demostrar nuestra buena educación."
Paula , 3,632 km
"Que tus sueños sean mas grandes que tus miedos!"
Edna, 3,796 km
"Por medio de la enseñanza de baile, hago una tarea de contención social"






in brief

i am a migrant gives voice and puts a human face on the myriad personal stories of migration.

Contained here are tales of extraordinary personal achievement in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds; people leaving their homes in search of a better future.

Often vulnerable and friendless, they rely on the generosity of those they meet along way; they are sometimes children traveling without a guardian or young adults starting anew, learning a new language, a culture and seizing opportunities to achieve their long held dreams.

One in every seven persons on our planet is today a migrant—someone far from his or her home. Be it an overseas laborer, a student, it can be almost anyone. The banker who picks up and leaves London for Hong Kong, or the nomadic herder forced to leave Somalia for Kenya during this era of global climate change.

We aim to counter the misperceptions that categorize migrants as opportunistic and not interested in integration; stereotypes that many are willing to foster.


Support the iamamigrant.org platform by providing compelling stories. Your organization may already have such stories.

In this way, the particular aims of your organization will be supported and you’ll be joining the efforts to correct many misconceptions about migrants. Support for the campaign is growing. Recently the United Nations began encouraging participation in the campaign.

why participate

The negative memes about migration that fill our media are usually based on prejudice and misinformation. Yet providing a counter-narrative requires a concerted effort; one in which the people themselves tell their stories, unfiltered and unspun.

how to participate

i am a migrant provides an easy, accessible opportunity to share stories of migrants. These could be people whom you have helped, who are employed by or interact with your organization. Perhaps the person working in the canteen or the Director General is a migrant with a fascinating story.

The campaign can be fully integrated into your Corporate Sustainability activities through which you will be able to help promote social integration and address xenophobic tensions.


i am a migrant supports the UN Global Compact initiative for positive global change through business.

i am a migrant searches for durable solutions resulting in a sustainable and inclusive global economy that benefits companies, people and communities.

Additionally, the campaign contributes directly to the Sustainable Development Goal of creating peaceful and inclusive societies for all.

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