Reintegration in Georgia: Tea & Irma’s Stories

After working in Greece for 10 years, Tea was longing to be with her beloved child again. IOM assisted Tea through vocational training, and she successfully completed nail art courses. Now, Tea works in a nail salon in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

Reintegration in Georgia: Salome’s Story

Salome is the owner of an afterschool child care centre in Kutaisi, Georgia. She moved back to her hometown after 5 years in Greece due to financial difficulties. The idea of creating a child care centre was Salome’s life-long dream.

Reintegration in Georgia: Natia's Story

Natia decided to return to Georgia after spending 7.5 years in Greece as she found it difficult to get a job there. Thank to IOM Reintegration assistance, Natia started a beekeeping business. She produces honey that she sells to the local market and can now look to the future with optimism.

Reintegration in Georgia: Maia’s Story

Maia lived for 9.5 years in Greece before returning to her home town and her children. With IOM’s Reintegration assistance, Maia purchased 3 cows and started a dairy farm. Maia produces dairy products that sells to the local market.

Reintegration in Georgia: Gocha's Story

After one year in Greece, Gocha decided to return to his hometown, Zestaphoni, Georgia, due to financial difficulties. Through the Return and Reintegration Program, he set up a small cattle breeding business through which he can now support his family.

What is it like to be an immigrant in the USA?

I was invited by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to talk a tittle bit about my experience as a Brazilian immigrant in the USA :)


Listen to Joory, a Web Developer now living in Iraq, who teaches coding since she fled her country.

Laura's Corner: #iamamigrant

"I'm glad my mom decided to move to the US."


Meet Alaa, a Syrian architect and graphic designer now living in Iraq.

Tales of a 100% Moroccan in Europe

"This is my story as a 100% Moroccan living in Europe. I am not representative of every single Moroccan who is based abroad, nor Europeans of Moroccan origin (as I am not one); but I hope this sheds some light on some situations we are familiar with."

Relocation to France - Joude's story

“We didn’t choose to become asylum seekers. We are looking for peace. Now we can rebuild our lives.”


"This is a very special video, the United Nations challenged us to talk about immigration and to create awareness to fight against discrimination."

Taha's story: Relocating from Greece to Finland

“I left Syria because of the war. I was alone, without my family, so I applied for a relocation, and Finland welcomed me to come."

I AM A MIGRANT | Moving to Norway

"The UN Migration Agency challenged me to the #Iamamigrant challenge to help promote positive messages and combat xenophobia and discrimination against people around the world."

Relocation to Norway

Follow the journey of a Syrian family from Greece to Norway.

Javier's story: A Venezuelan in the Dominican Republic

Javier Abi Harb works as a musical director in a project for Children International.

"Borders are there. Divinding lines are there, but nobody chooses where they're born."

EU Relocation to the Netherlands: Qusai's story

"They threw my wheelchair into the water, so the water reached up to my chest."

Méthelus Estime, an haitian in Dominican Republic

"I was afraid to come and live in a country where nobody understands me, and I do not understand anyone... To be able to stay here I cried a lot, but I like this country."

Enas' Journey to Portugal

"Being the only one wearing a hijab, I felt like a superstar walking in the street."

Relocation to Germany

Sameh Alqudsi, Marah Saed and Majd Iskandarani, look back on their journey from Syria to Germany.