photo credit: iom/muse mohammed

Ruben, 1,381 km
"Playing is a reward in life, sharing a passion with people from different countries with a same goal fulfills my days with happiness." #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/muse mohammed

Phillip, 5,720 km
"Music is a language without borders or national impediment. I hope we can help to further humanitarian goals through our concerts." #iamamigrant

photo credit: iom/Muse Mohammed

Martine, 793 km
"Music is a universal language which does not discriminate or categorize people but unites them." #iamamigrant
Abdullah, 52 km
"I can’t forget my past but I do think of the future now. I want to fulfill my mother’s dream for me. I want to become a doctor." #iamarefugee
Ahmed, 3,293 km
"Together with my wife, we will start again our lives in Iraq. I hope I will be able to visit Greece again but next time, as a tourist!" #iamamigrant
Saadia, 2,256 km
“Moving is never easy, but I think one must always maintain a spirit of positive involvement.” #iamamigrant
Godfrey, 1,064 km
“I made it my personal mission to demonstrate that migrants are not just takers but givers too.” #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/monica chiriac

Ousmane, 3,512 km
“I never thought I would make it out alive. I was supposed to die there. Many people don’t even know I am alive.” #iamamigrant

Photo credit: Mark Earthy

Maryam, 5,914 km
"The only real difference between migrants and locals is that document. Let's meet where our common humanity resides." #iamamigrant

photo credit: iom/muse Mohammed

Takuya, 9,701 km
"I discovered that in an international environment, if you keep silent, you will be ignored. Here, we need to speak up for ourselves." #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Marcello, 319 km
"I’m glad I had classical music in my life to guide me when I was away from home all these years." #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOm/monica chiriac

Amadou, 2,419 km
“The route is too difficult nowadays. A lot of people die on the road. Maybe you make it, maybe you die at sea. This is how it is.” #iamamigrant

Photo credit: Marielle Segarra/Marketplace

Obay, 8,962 km
“When I grow up, I want to be a dentist. People in Syria have a certain pride that they don't like working for others.” #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/Monica chiriac

Amadou, 3,030 km
“It’s not easy to find a job in Sierra Leone. If those that have two arms and two legs can’t find a job, how can I?” #iamamigrant

photo credit: IOM/muse mohammed

Nimith, Ponleak, Sokhem, and Khemera
"Our families have always been poor and when we heard that fishermen made a good amount of money, we jumped onto that chance." #iamamigrant
Youssef, 2,279 km
"Migration will always be a beautiful thing if we invest in it." #iamamigrant

Photo credit: Bruno Dalimonte

Jaouad, 2,321 km
"It is very sastifying when you feel you’re giving something back to the society you were welcomed in." #iamamigrant

Photo credit: Richard Johnson

Barbara and Chaqir, 2,407 km
"Being different is not something bad. It adds to the lives of people that you meet." #iamamigrant

photo credit: Christine Strotmann

Elke and Rama, 3,714 km
“Integration is a two-way street. It’s not so much about cultures though, more about people, about being kind and not to judge them.” #iamamigrant
Ghaith, 2,765 km
“What I miss most is being safe.” #iamamigrant