Mauricio, 8,977 km
"Migration is an opportunity to put yourself out of your comfort zone and achieve your personal goals."
Kleio, 2,763 km
"The biggest challenge I had to overcome as an immigrant was, and still is, the fact that I have to prove myself again."
Imogen, 1,600 km
"Home is dynamic; it is where your family is, where you have good memories and where you make your nest."
Sylvie, 465 km
"I don't like the word 'integration,' I prefer 'inclusion'. We all have to work to be a part of the society we live in."
Yingxue, 7,605 km
"From both an academic and personal point of view, I have come to understand how important integration can be."
Tiffany, 7,064 km
"The world is much smaller than we realize, therefore we all have a lot in common."
"I understand the ways in which migration and, in some cases, asylum can change one's life outlook."

photo credit: iom/monica chiriac

Carol, 2,168 km
"I am lucky that nobody hurt me. I never saw the others again. People need to know what this route is like; they need to know the truth."
Maria, 9,598 km
"If migrants come to your country because they have to, it is likely that they had a hard life before and moving is for survival."
Marina, 2,279 km
"A big challenge to overcome is the lack of respect between cultures."
Doreen, 6,185 km
"Migration means giving people the freedom to go places where their lives can be improved and they can improve the lives of others."
Stéphanie, 646 km
"Being a migrant was a choice for me, and I wish it could be the same for others too, but in most cases it is a matter of survival."
Sabina, 4,233 km
"We can learn from migrants and see them as the strong individuals that are equal to us, rather than people who automatically need help."
Denise, 9,443 km
"Home is no longer a physical place for me, it is a feeling — one that can be found wherever there is love."
Dan, 8,020 km
"Borders are just something to be crossed to discover new things on the other side of the world and about oneself."
Alessandro, 837 km
"We have to respect each other, accept the differences that divide us, and fight against any discriminatory laws."
Chanwut, 2,113 km
"Learning about a new local culture is important, but this doesn't mean that you have to lose your sense of self."
Henri, 7,674 km
"Be careful of staying isolated, forge trustworthy contacts and respect the rules of the home you're invited into."
Ezra, 786 km
"Choices that affect other human beings should be based on facts as opposed to conjecture."
Barbara, 896 km
"Ask as many questions as you need to. If you don't understand the answer, keep asking!"