Barbara and Chaqir, 2,407 km
"Being different is not something bad. It adds to the lives of people that you meet." #iamamigrant

photo credit: Christine Strotmann

Elke and Rama, 3,714 km
“Integration is a two-way street. It’s not so much about cultures though, more about people, about being kind and not to judge them.” #iamamigrant
Ghaith, 2,765 km
“What I miss most is being safe.” #iamamigrant

Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Monique, 1,575 km
"When I get back, I’ll try to open my shop. I'll try to make it, but it’s hard. I often feel alone in this world." #iamamigrant
Thom, 6,838 km
"Integration is too often seen as a one-way street where all the responsibility or blame falls on migrants." #iamamigrant
Astrid, 1,615 km
“To me migration is a necessity and just natural. “ #iamamigrant
Khadra, 790 km
"The migrants I assist come from remote villages & are not well informed of the world, so I rely on my experiences as a migrant to assist." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: Zachary David

Afsoon, 9,999 km
"Equality and justice are not abstract goals. Our difference cannot detract from what we have in common." #iamarefugee
Valentine, 651 km
“It was important to me to live away from home for a while." #iamamigrant

IOM/Monica Chiriac

Samba, 2,033 km
“We are responsible for everything that happens to us. They told me not to go, but I went anyway. Man’s biggest problem is man himself.” #iamarefugee
Anatoli, 1,207 km
"You have to work hard yourself, if you invest yourself [...] and you will receive additional support from others too." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Romeo Balancourt

Mohammed, 2,026 km
"I treat everybody. I ease people’s pain, no matter the color of the skin, the background or the religion." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Romeo Balancourt

Imene, 2,026 km
"In order to break the stereotypes anchored in people’s minds, we should invite you to come to our country." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Romeo Balancourt

Khadidja, 2,026 km
"My dream was to come to France to perfect the skills I had acquired." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Romeo Balancourt

Seydou, 3,860 km
“Being seen without any judgment, living without any social pressure, is a form of freedom. It feels good to melt into the crowd." #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Romeo Balancourt

Mourad, 1,794 km
“Nowadays, even though we have a job and a comfortable situation, people still look at us in a different way.” #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Romeo Balancourt

Anwar, 3,315 km
“If I see my fellow man suffering without reaching out to help him, I don’t deserve to be called a human being.” #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Romeo Balancourt

Radu, 1,751 km
"We should recognize that France is strong and beautiful thanks to its diversity. It isn't too late to praise difference." #iamamigrant
Matteo, 1,691 km
“Migration is about learning.” #iamamigrant

Photo Credit: IOM/Flavia Giordani

Mohamed, 5,091 km
"I miss the daily family gatherings, the culture of my country." #iamarefugee