Photo credit: IOM/Monica Chiriac

Mohamed, 3,169 km
“They put us on a truck and left us there, in the middle of nowhere. We were in the desert for the next 45 days.”
Izak, 13,703 km
“Migration gives us an opportunity to reach new goals, develop ourselves as people and it frees us from prejudices.”

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Suma, 5,266 km
"I’m Christian and I wear the Hijab to keep a low profile and mix in with society."

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Seiji, 6,579 km
"I’m a bit different than others; my happiness really comes from my job."
Paul, 4,478 km
"I do miss many things from my country: my family, the comfort of living, and the freedom."

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Mohammed, 1,776 km
"I’m not sure when I will go back to Niger, but when I do, I’m planning to have more than one business."

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Maricel, 10,731 km
"When I first came to Libya in 1996, I could see all the cultural differences."
Majdi, 771 km
"Tunisians and Libyans share the same thoughts and people here make you feel like there are no borders."

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Lutrichia, 10,731 km
"I pray with the others for peace in Libya. It’s my second home, and it offered me its best back in the day.”

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Liliana, 3,869 km
"A lot is happening outside, but what never changes is how kind people can be to you."

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Katherina, 10,731 km
"There came a point where I needed my own freedom."

Photo credit: IOM/Moad Abouzamazem

Favour, 4,922 km
"When the nation was good, I enjoyed it. Now that things are up and down, I have to stand by the people."

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Anita, 10,731 km
"I owe my children’s education, my house back home and my job experience to Libya."

Photo credit: IOM/Moad Abouzamazem

Aninda, 6,579 km
"The thing I miss about being away from India is my children, I can go for months without seeing them."

Photo Credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Amelia, 10,731 km
"I did what I had to do, I bought a house, gave my children a good education. Now it’s time for me.”

Photo credit: IOM/Shaebi Ahmed

Abdalwahab, 7,071 km
"No one chooses to leave their country, but circumstance sometimes makes its own rules."
Ahmed, 1,808 km
"Not only I am ready to return to my home country, but I can also start working again".
Younes, 1,938 km
“Greek is easy to learn! I have Greek friends and classmates at school."
Alaa, 1,095 km
"I want to tell people that even when life feels dark, it goes on."
Jory, 1,095 km
"Leaving home is the most difficult thing I have ever done."