Giannina Villarán Bettis
“I feel very happy to represent Peru through my purses” #iamamigrant
Katherine Tinoco Reyes, 10,161 km
"One day I hope to have British students in order to spread the Peruvian culture" #iamamigrant
Sharon , 3,321 km
I am a daughter of migration, because the only way of living I know is by missing #iamamigrant
Diana , 1,845 km
“I love my home country and I am extremely excited to share its traditions and history with the world.” #avrr
Abdul Qadir Babakarkhel
"As the famous saying goes, 'a person without language is half a person.' So the first thing I did was to learn Dutch." #iamamigrant
"I am very grateful to IOM for helping me implement my business plan" #avrr
Alavidze , 1,734 km
“Our dream is to move to a small Georgian village and start a family business”. #avrr
Abba, 1,200 km
“We will see what happens with time, but for now, I am happy with my life in Niger.” #iamamigrant
Mario Araya, 6,914 km
I have also learned that you are not alone and that you must fight to be well, taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health. #iamamigrant
Yescarleth Rodriguez, 396 km
I discovered that to migrate means to move and that every person, physically or spiritually is, is a migrant. #diasporavoice #iamamigrant
Alice, 2,836 km
"I enjoy having the ability to make people see beautiful things in their country that they may have previously taken for granted." #iamamigrant
Rafael Aguilar, 9,504 km
I am lucky enough to be a migrant by choice. This privilege does not stop me from missing my family, friends, culture and language. #diasporavoice #iamamigrant
Souleyman, 2,550 km
"Si je rentre chez moi maintenant, ils penseront que je suis un lâche. Si je meurs, ils diront que je suis un héros." #iamamigrant
Omar and his family, 1,315 km
"I could open a new store and resume my career as a tailor, while raising our children away from war and pain". #iamarefugee
"I would not want anyone else to experience the things I witnessed in Libya, that is why I am proud to be a messenger." #iamamigrant
"I am more than happy that I managed to return to my family. Being together with my family is the most important thing for me." #avrr
Ali and his family, 1,185 km
"We want nothing more than security, safety and a better future for our children.” #iamarefugee
Maddalen Yarza, 8,464 km
"The most beautiful thing that Honduras has given me is the opportunity to start a family." #iamamigrant
Gonzalo, 363 km
"We have the opportunity to be, well, one voice, andinvite to include, respect and tolerate other people." #iamamigrant
Sandra , 3,525 km
"If once again I had the opportunity to migrate to support my children, I would do it again." #iamamigrant